TABUAN-LASA is a newest created municipality in Basilan. It is carved out from the municipality of Sumisip by virtue of Muslim Autonomy Act (MMAA) no. 187 of the fifth (5th) Legislative Assembly on July 10, 2007.

It is an Island Municipality and has twelve (12) Barangays. The name is an acronym of the four Islands that comprises the Municipality, namely; Tapiantanah, the largest among the four, Bubuan, Lanawan and Saluping.

TABUAN-LASA was supposed to be one among the ten (10) Municipalities components of Basilan when it was created into province by Presidential Decree by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1973. It was later amended to only seven Municipalities components and TABUAN-LASA merged into Sumisip due to inappropriate population requirement.

In 1988, then Congressman Gerry A. Salapuddin, filed a bill in congress proposing the creation of TABUAN-LASA into municipality, but failed for the same reason, its population status. In the last NSO census enumeration of 2007, there was a dramatic increased of population in the whole province, and TABUAN-LASA successfully obtained a total population of 25, 975, which qualify him to separate from Sumisip as a Municipality.

Late Congressman Wahab M. Akbar strongly indorsed its creation even during his term as Governor of the province but it was only materialized when he assumed the seat of representative for Basilan until his death in December 207. The unaccomplished task was delegated to Mayor Haber Asarul of Sumisip with the support of Sangguniang Bayan, and plebiscite was held last March 29, 2008.

The first appointed mayor and currently the Chief Executive of the municipality is Hon. Muctar Junaid, Al Haj. and Hon. Abadia M. Abdulgani, his vice-mayor. Their first Municipal Councilors are the Following; 1.Ashier M. Abdulla, 2. Jihad M Amilhamja, 3.Najer P. Jakaria, 4.Nuhi O. Hussain, 5.Sajid A. Harun, 6.Hadji Khalid Abbas, 7. Sara U. Haris and 8. Angkibo Abdurasan.

During the height Moro revolt in the 70’s, the whole Island of TABUAN-LASA became MNLF Base Command and always the center of skirmishes between the Bangsa Moro and the Government forces during the Marcos Martial Law regime.

However, after the war, this Island became the center of economic activity in the southern part of the province and commerce was in its peak between the Basilan and the neighboring Malaysia in the 1980’s. But due to continuing conflict among the prominent clan and negligent of administration from the mainland, prosperity was diminished and to the extent that development almost non existence for the last 20 years.