The municipality still do not have town center, their products are usually marketed to Maluso town and the cities of Isabela and Zamboanga. Oftentimes, during market day (Tabuh), they trade with the nearby coastal town of mainland municipalities.

Efforts by the present administration to improve economic activity have always been the top priority for the municipality to move forward.

Major Products
The Municipality of TABUAN-LASA has a vast area of fishing ground, extending up to 20.0 kilometer deep into Celebes Sea, including its undisturbed shoreline and pristine coral reefs, has made him abundance in marine life and resources.

Varieties of Tuna, Mackerel, Sardines, Lapu-Lapu and other high value species of fish can be found in municipal water. Seaweeds is at present the source of income of the local resident aside from fishing.