Tabuan Lasa chosen as livelihood program.
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

THE Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) sent a team to study the aqua-marine products in the municipality of Tabuan Lasa, the beneficiary of the agency’s livelihood program in Basilan province.

Tabuan Lasa Mayor Muctar Junaid said the study is important to help the BFAR determine the aqua-marine products in the municipality, as well as the livelihood program to be implemented.

The three-year-old municipality comprises the islands of Tapiantana, Bubuan, Lanawan, and Saluping. It has 12 villages and a human population of 25,959 based on the National Statistics Office (NSO) 2007 census.

The main livelihood of majority of Tabuan Lasa’s residents is fishing. The municipality also serves as one of the sources of fish of canning factories operating in Zamboanga City, as well as of Luzon and Visayas-based fishing firms.

Junaid is optimistic that BFAR’s livelihood program, once in place, could help double the income of his constituents.

Source: Bong Garcia
Sunstar Zamboanga